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Photography Collection: Evolution of the Trisha Paytas

An early specimen of the Trisha Paytas, before the evolution of its protective features. At this stage in its evolution, the specimen's hair follicles were rendered practically useless and the creature used external materials to crudely imitate the texture of the hair present on the heads of other creatures. The result was a white, strawlike head covering that resembled hair but didn't quite do the trick. Scientists believe this is a factor that could have contributed to the rapid evolution of the Trisha Paytas at this stage.

At this point in its evolution, the Trisha Paytas began to experiment with camouflage, in a sloppy attempt to entice other species into social and romantic interactions. It succeeded in that it gained the attention it required to gain resources and continue to exist as part of the ecosystem.

Here, the Trisha Paytas has undergone a drastic transformation. Its facial features have morphed into a much more believable recreation of the standard for creatures such as itself at the time. It can now afford to reveal its true demeanor, as it has a stronger grip on its place in the food chain and has access to resources and social interactions. Scientists identify this stage as the beginning of its rise to domination of the ecosystem.

Scientists hail this image as the ultimate indicator of the Trisha Paytas' new power. The specimen has, at this point, gained the ability to imitate the appearance of far-off creatures, simply based on hearsay through its network of dependents. Its imitations, though not perfect, are satisfactory for the Trisha Paytas' purposes.

The Trisha Paytas' final, and most sinister, evolution (that scientists know of so far.) It has effectively learned to manipulate both its behavior and physical appearance to maintain a respectable spot in nature's hierarchy. It gains resources through methods that drives other species off, but it manages to keep a legion of lesser species loyal to it and it is powerful enough to be able to reject the hostility it senses from those other species.

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